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ELECTROFLO Live DJ Vinyasa Flow with Kerry, Ray, Lauren, & DJ Ki West

  • Hartford Sweat Harford Sweat, 777 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103 USA (map)
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Live DJ Vinyasa Flow that will put your body and soul in an amazing place.  Hartford Sweat is joining together with Channel 3 eyewitness news, DJ Ki West, and three amazing instructors Kerry, Ray, and Lauren to put on a donation class in support of Channel 3 Kids Camp.  The class will be a calming vinyasa flow, suitable for all levels.  

You do not want to miss this absolutely rare treat for invigorating your mind, body, and soul.  All proceeds will go toward supporting Channel 3 Kids Camp to make camp accessible to all children regardless of their family's capacity to pay.

Pre-registration is free and can be done either on-line, or in-person at the studio.  Donations are encouraged at registration and day of the class.  All of the class donation proceeds will go to the Channel 3 Kids Camp, and are tax deductible.  

There are three ways that you can donate to support our community youth: 

  1. On-line with debit or credit (click the button below and follow instructions).
  2. At the studio front desk any time between now and May 11 (we have setup a Channel 3 Kid's Camp account in MindBody).
  3. Donate the day of class with cash, debit, or credit card.

We expect a full house, so donations ahead of time will help the process go faster.

Donation to Channel 3 Kid's Camp

Contact us if you are interested in being a matching sponsor for this event and help us exceed our goal of $2000!

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The mission of Channel 3 Kids Camp is to provide fun year-round opportunities to children of all abilities, families, & communities through educational & recreational programs that promote diversity, acceptance and environmental appreciation.

A 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization.  Channel 3 Kids Camp has a proud tradition of making camp accessible to all children regardless of their family's capacity to pay.  Donations help bring children to camp but also helps provide needed resources as well as maintain the camp facilities.


Ki 気 is the Japanese word for air; atmosphere; flavor; heart; spirit; and intention. It's what is referred to as 'The Force' in Star Wars. The energy that connects us all. As for me, my connection to music hails from the West - as a westerner, which evolved from my adventures and experiences on the west coast. My meditation practice started with the 2nd chakra as it calls loudest to me - yearning for creative freedom and is reflected in my logo. All of this combined is where my DJ identity comes from.

I specialize mostly in progressive downtempo electronic music that fuses west coast vibes with harmonic rhythms, mantras and melodies of the east. This newly popular music goes by names like chillhop, synthpop, electrogaze, and IDM. It's the new EDM. Unlike most DJs who gravitate towards nighttime venues - I like mixing under the sun until it sets. 

- DJ Ki West

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