The Studio

The Hartford Sweat Studio is 5200 sq. feet, built in 2015, with amenities to make your practice comfortable and convenient in any one of our 3 large studio rooms.  The rooms are fully equipped with independent and digitally regulated environmental control as well as blue-tooth sound system.  We serve traditional membership clients as well as group functions and corporate clients as an integral part of the downtown Hartford Commercial Business District.  

Use the changing rooms on site, self check-in at the front desk, practice in our spacious and modern studio rooms, then after you can use the personal showers to refresh to get to work, play, or home to relax.


Coming and Going...

Convenient self-check-in at the front desk

Mat & towel rental available

Service to "store my mat"

Water and retail for purchase

Clean changing rooms and private showers

Trumbull Room:  Bikram Yoga

Enjoy a digitally controlled climate room to 110F and 40% humidity for Bikram Yoga 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises or Hott Xpress where you can complete the 26 postures in 1 hour.  Spacious to hold up to 45 people to practice.

Arch Room:  Barre, Sculpt, Zumba

Fitted for Barre, and a dance floor, and accessories for sculpt and other fitness training, you can get your sweat on and have a great workout.  The sound system fills the room during work-outs choreographed by the instructors.

Gold Room:  Yoga Sculpt, Power Yoga, Yin, Restorative, and more

A spacious room with digital environmental control to facilitate a wide range of classes.  For more adventurous classes, we convert to black-light and neon, or soothing restorative and candle-lit ambiance.