Just for 777 Residents


Yoga for relaxation and renewal, January $10 special offer to 777 residents*


Wednesday  |  6:30-7:45pm  |  Yin

Thursday  |  7-8:15pm  |  Restorative

Sunday  |  9:30-11:00am  |  POWERestore


Perfect to reset your mind, unwind your body, and relax from the stress of life with one or all three of this weekly set.  Classes are designed and sequenced for all levels of experience, led by the wonderful Nicole Lewis.

*Regularly scheduled classes that are each at reduced drop-in rate for 777 Residents during January.  Bring a piece of mail or other proof of residency to receive discount.  Reduced rate offer ends February 1, 2018.

These three classes are highlighted for residents of 777 Main as the ideal and convenient outlet for a busy lifestyle with people of all ability and fitness.  Nicole guides the class through the use of warm-ups, props, posture holds for stillness in the mind and body, and a designed flow to work with your body that will bring you into a relaxed and refreshed state for your muscles and mind.  Nicole and our staff are experienced to recognize and modify for people with physical limitations, pregnancy, or skill level to make the practice safe and comfortable.  

For the month of January, we are offering $10 drop-in with free mat to the 777 residents if you are taking one of these 3 classes.  This drop-in offer is not available to anyone else, so just show us a piece of mail with your name on it or some other proof of residency and enjoy your time in the studio.  

Contact us for more information.  We are excited to see you there and showcase what we have for Hartford, so close to home! We recommend you stop into the studio 10-15 minutes ahead of time to check-in, or pre-register on-line.

Yin (75 min)  |  Pre-register

7pm - 8:15pm, Thursday

Be still. Enjoy.  Yin 75 is the perfect class to help us press the internal restart button. Yin 75 compliments a strong practice, busy lifestyle and hectic world by allowing us to pause and be still within, while the natural mobility within our joints is restored with our bodies. This practice emphasizes stillness and equanimity while poses are held safely for three to five minutes at a time. Yin 75 will be in a neutral temperature room and is accessible to all levels of practice.

Restorative (75 min)  |  Pre-register

6:30pm – 7:45pm, Wednesday

Refresh. Renew. Restore. Restorative 75 is a restful and quiet class that cultivates peace of mind for a healthy body. You will be guided through a supported practice with the use of blankets, bolsters and straps to ensure you’re comfortable, safe and relaxed during extended holds. This practice has healing effects which are ideal for yogis of all levels. Restorative 75 will be in a neutral temperature room.

POWERestore (90 min)  |  Pre-register

9:30am - 11:00am, Sunday

POWER FLOW + RESTORATIVE GLOW. This class gives you the sweet combination of power and zen that your body craves. We start with a powerful vinyasa flow designed and sequenced for all levels of experience to warm the body, connect to our mats and fire up our muscles and joints. Feeling open, strong and aligned, we then move into a grounding Restorative Yoga practice that fully allows us to unwind, sink deeply into relaxation, and honor our minds, bodies and spirits. POWERestore is held in a moderately heated room.


Nicole Lewis

Nicole Lewis